“Meet Resham Melwani the beautiful Indian woman and creator of online holistic boutique Agora Curated who lives in Singapore, vacations in Mykonos and Bali and loves Hibiscus flowers.”


Gail Elliott 

Co Founder + Creative Director

Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott



Whats your favourite beach?

My favourite beach is in Mykonos, Principote Panormas. Blue water, warm sand, blazing sun, fringed parasols. All cream interiors: my kind of paradise.

There was a cute little shop called ‘Agora’ which inspired me to call our brand Agora.




What’s your star sign?

Capricorn Dragon girl. Watch out haha!


Favourite piece of jewellery?

And a custom design @Sunmoonrain eye pendant which my sister gifted me for my birthday and a charm bracelet from when I was a kid that my sister revamped for me with new charms that she added.


What are you listening to?

I love Coldplay always one of my favourites to listen to and when I’m in the mood to dance or run I listen to Tiesto. In Search of Sunrise... love all his music.


What are you reading?

My bestie is an author. She just launched  her book and it is is called WHOLE : 11 Universal Truths by Pamela Puja Kirpalani it’s available on Amazon and Kindle.


What do you like to cook?

I’m not much of a cook to be honest but I am learning some new recipes and am following a diet by holistic nutritionist riyanna at @healthyisandhappy she has some amazing recipes and smoothies and I just completed a 15 day detox programme with her which she leads on WhatsApp internationally.


Any favourite Little Joe Woman pieces?

I love all the pastel camisoles, Cotton shirts, Slip dresses, All the animal prints -  Heart Of Gold slips, especially the leopard print.



What are you watching?

Last thing I watched was Bling Empire, gave up halfway, and Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow.


Favourite flower?

I love Hibiscus  and Gerbera. Bright and cheerful. We used to have a hibiscus tree at our childhood home and I remember picking them up to wear on my ear.


Favourite hotel?

Bisma Eight Ubud :)


Favourite cocktail?

White Russian 

Love the taste of Bailey's.


Any secret talents?

LOL... I’m not sure how to answer that. But I’m really into design and dance; and am still always finding ways to express myself.


What’s your fashion style?

Boho for sure with an element of rocker  that’s why I love the Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott brand. I’ve always been into dark and edgy colours maybe living in London for many years I got used to the colours there . But I have a soft spot for pink . Most of my days I’m in athleisure coz I’m always running to the gym so on weekends make more of an effort to dress up a little more. Singapore lifestyle is casual.


What are you working on?

My business partner for Agora is  Sharmista. We just launched our online platform which is a holistic online boutique.

So excited that we have Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott on our website.


What have been your quarantine saviours ?

Zoom so we can connect with the whole family at once.

My little sports backpack I strap on and go for long runs in nature.


Can't live without?

Exercise and a good Spotify list to go with it.


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