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“Meet Dawn Pettifor the impossibly beautiful soft furnishings designer and founder of Gala Designs in London who produces bespoke soft furnishings for mainly domestic properties in the U.K.

She also happens to be my adorable sister who I’m extremely proud of…!” Xx 


Gail Elliott 

Co Founder + Creative Director 

Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott



Favourite flower?

White Phalanenopsis orchids


What’s your star sign?




Favourite hotel?

Shangri La Hotel, Singapore


Favourite beach?

Kata, Beach Phuket, Thailand



Favourite cocktail?

Espresso Martini


What do you like to cook?

I don’t really like cooking…. but I do everyday, so cook simple and nutritious meals for my family.


Any favourite Little Joe Woman pieces?

Soak Up The Sun dresses, little ruffle skirts and silk camisoles, in all the colours and prints available.

I think I must have every one ever produced!



What’s your fashion style?

I dress for comfort and style, I’m not trend driven and I prefer quality over quantity.


Your favourite perfume?

Mortel by Cire Trudon



Your interiors style?

My personal interior style is very serene with a neutral palette and because I work with colour, texture and print all day, I prefer coming home to relax in a calm environment.


Favourite piece of jewellery?

My engagement ring that my husband designed and had made for me….I think you secretly played a part in the design process, Gail :)



What are you reading?

The Millennium Trilogy by Steig Larsson - I’m obsessed with Lizbeth Sallendar...


What are you listening to?

George Micheal, Santana and Billie Eilish.



What are you working on right now?

I’ve just finished a house that needed forty two blinds, which we managed to complete the requested deadline, in just a couple of weeks!!

And I’m currently working on another ten design projects around London.


Your quarantine saviours?

Zoom Pilates, three hour long walks around London with my husband, and Netflix.


Can’t live without my….

My husband, son, sister and Mama.







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