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Nicole wears the You’re Sweet Smile jacket, Do Your Dance silk pant and Low Rider boot

“Meet Nicole Lachance, a former lawyer,  mother of three and founding contributor of the Pro-Age Woman eMagazine. I’m always writing something—a novel, screenplays with my partner, ghostwriting, or my natural beauty recipes. ”

Gail Elliott
Co Founder + Creative Director
Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott
What’s your favourite beach?
Polo Beach (Wailea) in Maui

Favourite flower?

Favourite hotel?
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

What’s your star sign?

Favourite cocktail?

Any favourite Little Joe Woman pieces?
I adore all of your slip dresses, most especially the Lachance dress. Your custom lengths, and the consistency of your fit, means that I always know I can add your booties, one of your leather Rock With Me jackets, or tie a blouse on top, and the outfit will look complete. I love the Blue Boy shorts, and all of your camisoles. The Do Your Dance silk pants paired with the Memphis jacket makes for a cool fall look. The Tiger Lily dress is unexpectedly classic, and the My Angel dress is very chic. Your wrap dresses are lovely too. My most unique and special piece may be the Frankie Avalon dress, which is unparalleled. I love the Dreaming blouse—Gail, this is an unfair question, because I think I fall in love with each of your pieces. For example, I just unwrapped the silk cargo pants and matching corset top and that’s my new favourite set.

What’s your fashion style?
When I wear your clothes, my style becomes very relaxed, cool, sexy, and ageless. During the winter, it’s usually skinny jeans and a blazer, with a lace-trimmed camisole underneath.

Nicole wears the Frankie Avalon dress, Cherokee belt, Hitchhiker boot (left) and Chelsea silk bustier, Rocky silk cargo pant (right)

You created the Bella Vita Beauty Blog and you hand make your own natural products with essential oils and high quality ingredients - please share more with us.
I believe that what we put on our body is as important as what we put inside our bodies. When we nourish our skin with beneficial ingredients, and reduce our chemical intake, we can glow from the inside out.

What are you reading?
The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton (in between the classics, I enjoy Jackie Collins and Jennifer Weiner)

What are you listening to?
The new Taylor Swift album, Midnights

Favourite piece of jewellery?
Any of my vintage pieces as I can imagine the wonderful events they attended. I also love my Little Joe Woman earrings which are cool and edgy.
Nicole wears the Lachance dress, Low Rider boot

Memories of your favourite event / dinner party and why?
I recently attended my 20 year law school reunion in Montreal. There is a core group of six women, my close friends, and it’s difficult to get all of us together for girls’ trips. This reunion was an opportunity for us to all be together again, and it was so lovely to see our wider circle of friends from law school. Our time together meant so much to me, and it was a very comforting and emotional experience to see everyone again, and to reconnect with people. I was so glad to see that everyone is happy now, and doing so well—the very best kind of nostalgia. I also have fond memories of when four of my girlfriends and I had a girls night out all wearing our Lachance lace-back silk slip dresses.
Girls night out all wearing the Lachance dress

Any secret talents?
If I were to tell you, then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore…

Can’t live without?
Love, laughter, and hope.

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