Cindy wear the Clementine maxi dress in folk print


“Everyone knows who Cindy Crawford is, but do you know what new category she’s about to launch for her skin care line Meaningful Beauty, the name of her favourite rose, or that we’ve been friends for over thirty years and that she was one of my bridesmaids!

She’s one of the kindest and most loyal people I know, we’ve shared so much over the years and I feel so grateful to have her in my life.”


Gail Elliott

Co Founder + Creative Director 

Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott



Favourite flower?

My husband always gets me a special type of roses called Oceana—they remind me of him,so even though i love so many other flowers—peonies, orchids, sweet pea—this are my fav!

What’s your star sign?

Pisces but apparently I’m on the cusp whatever that means!


Favourite hotel?

I really miss tracking and I’ve stayed in so many beautiful hotels but I have to say, now that I live in Malibu, The Mercer in New York is my home away from home there.

Favourite beach?

I recently went to Barbuda near Antigua—everything was perfect about that beach—the weather, the water temperature and even the pink tint in the sand from crushed seashells.


Favourite cocktail?

Ever since my husband created Casamigos Tequila, I’ve been a tequila girl. I usually drink the reposado on the rocks or if I’m in the mood, I’ll have the bartender make me a skinny spicy cucumber and jalapeño Margarita!

Any favourite Little Joe Woman pieces?

I’ve always loved the slip dresses that Gail has done for Little Joe Woman. Bias cut and easy to wear.


 Cindy wear the Seeker silk dress in black


What’s your fashion style?

I live in jeans and a shirt or cashmere sweater. I love how I can dress jeans up with shoes or boots and a jacket.


Favourite piece of jewellery?

I love my micro mini wedding band from Martin Katz and a very old Elsa Petretti diamonds by the yard single diamond necklace. I like delicate pieces that are subtle. I also almost always wear one of my favorite Omega watches.




What are you reading?

Just finished a beautiful book by Kristin Hannah called The Four Winds. I actually listened to the audio version and was bummed when it was over.


What are you listening to?

I just did a guest DJ hosting spot for Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes radio. One of the artists I highlighted was Miska—so easy to listen to.


What are you working on right now?

My skincare brand Meaningful Beauty is just about to launch our new Age Proof Hair care system. It’s been a labor of love. I think as women, we expect our skin to age. When my hair starting aging, I was caught off guard. I want to give my hair as much TLC as I give my face.


Your quarantine saviours?

Puzzles, podcasts, meditation, beach walks, Money Heist on Netflix


Can’t live without my….

kindle—that way I always have a good book with me!





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