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Little Joe Woman is the brainchild of creative director Gail Elliott who is no stranger to mixing and maxing various materials to achieve her own unique brand of luxurious yet edgy island attire. The use of silks especially help to highlight her fashion and lingerie collections. As a former supermodel who worked with top photographers and designers in the industry, Gail and her husband Joe Coffey founded the brand in New York City in 2002 with a debut line of six vintage-inspired silk slip dresses and camisoles in different colors. Fast forward to the brand’s current selection of timeless silk camisoles and slips, which are breathtaking, Little Joe Woman’s current collection of silk masterpieces are a bit more formal than most of the silk designers we have discussed here. Mini and Midi dresses fill the racks at its Bali locations with asymmetrical hemlines and ruffles. What we like about these pieces are that they are elegant, but wearable. Little Joe Woman makes it easy to add some grace and style to your wardrobe with its thoughtful designs. In many cases, the beauty is in the details— don’t miss the lace detailing, sheer inserts, and off-the-shoulder looks. Create an all silk look by pairing their Have A Heart Pant with a silk camisole, you’ll thank us later.

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