From Supermodel to Fashion Designer.

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Our Creative Director Gail Elliott talks about her career from Super model to Fashion Designer.

Tell us how Little Joe Woman came about? What made you launch your own brand? 
I was extremely fortunate to enjoy a successful 24 year career as a model based in New York in the 80s and 90s but had begun to feel a need to express my learnings and fashion thoughts and feelings creatively. Having worked with so many of the most creative and powerful fashion designers, photographers, magazine editors, stylists, hair & make up artists and models in the business as a fashion model myself, I came to appreciate quality, luxury and how beautiful clothes make a woman feel. My first designs were very simple little silk slip dresses and camisoles. Pieces that I needed for myself and couldn't seem to find in stores at the time - there were many vintage pieces out there but the fit or fabric was always wrong. The ones I designed and produced worked with my hectic travel schedule - they were easy to pack yet great to wear and made me feel good. My mission with Little Joe Woman is to connect with women - for me the Little Joe Woman appreciates luxury, she's chic, she prefers quality over quantity, she's subtly sexy, she's a busy person, she enjoys travel and loves life...just like me!

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