RUSSH - Australia, September 2016

RUSSH - Australia, September 2016

Take Me with You


As someone who once took a flight every other day, Gail Elliott – 90s supermodel and co-founder and creative director of Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott – seems like the right person to ask.

“It wasn’t unusual for me to be on four or five planes a week from New York to shoot in Miami, Mexico, London or Los Angeles,” she explains. “I’d sometimes find myself on the early morning Concorde from London that would get me into New York by 9.30 am and, because of the time difference, would be able to shoot for the day then jump on a plane that evening to another location to shoot the very next day.”

Given her experience, it comes as little surprise that Elliott – now based in Bali – is expert in the art of packing. It also helps that her everyday style, encapsulated so well in Little Joe Woman, is the epitome of refined bohemia – a conglomeration of relaxed silk pieces in neutral tones paired with her vintage favourites, stacked gold jewellery and signature leather jackets.

“I travel with my favourite tried and trusted pieces,” she says. “When I fly I always wear black skinny pants, a black tailored silk blazer, black booties and take a light cashmere wrap or scarf. I have a large Balenciaga hold-all for books, magazines, snacks, etcetera, and a smaller black Balenciaga bag for passports, lip balm, money and iPhone.”

When it comes to packing, Elliott has made a habit of wrapping those easily wrinkled silk pieces in fine dry-cleaning plastic. “When I reach my destination, I can unpack and hang everything, which comes out completely crease-free.

“My style doesn’t change when I’m on the road but I do like looking in the hotel wardrobe at a simplified selection of my clothing and making new outfit combinations using what’s hanging there in front of me.” 


Words Andréa Tchacos for RUSSH Magazine - Australia

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