HelloBali: ACHIEVING ABOVE &BEYOND Gail Elliott of Little Joe Woman

HelloBali: ACHIEVING ABOVE &BEYOND Gail Elliott of Little Joe Woman
A world-renowned supermodel turned inspiring fashion designer, Gail Elliott definitely has a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry. She has been working in New York with fashion superstars such as Gianni Versace, Karl
Lagerfeld, Marc Jacob, Ralph Lauren, Gucci for 24 years before deciding to step up and build the label of her own, right here in Bali. This is the story about the amazing lady behind Little Joe Woman...

Working from their own design studio and factory in Bali, Gail Elliott's Little Joe Woman brand has a reputation for its supermodel style and exceptional quality, but Gail still remembers her first ever designs for the brand. "My first designs were very simple slip dresses and camisoles, pieces I needed for myself and couldn’t find in stores at the time" said Gail. "I started with six silk slip dresses and six silk camisoles in six colours. These have been the staple in every collection because they’re feminine, flattering, cool and can be worn with many other pieces of clothing and always look current and stylish" Little Joe Woman started about 18 years ago, during the time while Gail was still regularly strolling across the catwalk wearing outfits from prestigious fashion labels. "I didn't even have a computer back then so things were very different.
Our marketing was handled by us and consisted of our model and actress friends wearing the brand and by word of mouth from other people, boutiques and department stores who contacted us to buy and carry our collections”.

Establishing a business before the social media era gave quite a challenge for Gail and her label, but thankfully she got help from her fellow supermodel and actress friends. "There was no Instagram or Facebook then so having Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and various other actresses and models wearing our clothing was great for us" she said. "Our P.R was also handled by us and because I was in the modelling business, all the magazines were interested in doing a piece on the brand or featuring it in their fashion pages"

Eighteen years later, things have definitely changed as Little Joe Woman has their own factory in Bali, but Gail and her husband JoeCoffey who is the Co Founder and CEO of their brand, are still very much involved in running their business every single day. "We hire a marketing team and have our own office and studio in Bali with staff to help us with everything from production to shipping all wholesale and online orders….but Joe and I are still very much across the everyday running of our business as we enjoy it and feel grateful to own an established, luxurious, contemporary womenswear fashion brand designing and producing clothing that makes women look beautiful and feel confident about themselves" Addressing the big increase in online boutique sites recently, Gail is also confident that her brand will be able to stand up above the comparison and competition, by being true to the brand and being personal to the customers. "For me customer service is extremely important and I answer every question possible. Our customers can contact me anytime via my personal and customer service email address, WhatsApp, our online chat and via our @LittleJoeWoman and my @GailElliottOfficial Instagram accounts either directly or via direct message" Gail explains. "I’m the best person to give advice on sizing, fit, colour and style firstly because I’m the Creative Director + Designer of the brand and also because I’ve worked in the fashion industry for so many years and have learned from the best!" she added.


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