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Gail Elliott felt her most glamorous when she was a cover girl for Italian Vogue. It’s not hard to see why, she looks incredible! 

From her 24-year career as a top model (alongside the likes of Cindy Crawford and Yasmin Le Bon), to her own label, Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliot, Gail Elliot has experienced the world of high fashion from every angle. We sat down with Gail Elliot to find out what modern glamour means to her, and where she finds her inspiration.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas,
the way we live, what’s happening.” Coco Chanel
Gail Elliot’s Favourite Fashion Quote

RESCU: What does modern glamour mean to you?
Gail Elliott: To me modern glamour is a lifestyle. It’s not about wearing diamonds and red lipstick but how you go about your everyday life. It’s about having good taste, confidence and style.

RESCU: Tell us about a time in your life that you’ve felt truly glamorous?
Gail Elliott: Before starting our contemporary women’s clothing brand Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott, I used to model for 24 years and was based in New York. I was very busy as a model so to get me from New York to London or Paris to shoot when my schedule was tight, clients would often fly me on the Concorde that was a truly glamorous way to travel.

RESCU: What’s the most glamorous destination you’ve ever been to?
Gail Elliott: Whilst living in New York for 24 years and used to holiday on the island of St Bart’s in the Caribbean for Christmas and New Year. All the Super Yachts would visit with moguls, celebrities and musicians mooring off the island – there were a lot of glamorous and fun parties and I met some very interesting people.

RESCU: Tell us about a glamorous person who inspires you.
Gail Elliott: To me my good friend Cindy Crawford is glamorous – yes, she drives a Bentley but she also roams around her Malibu home with perfectly manicured bare feet and jeans. She has style and great taste in everything from food to furniture to quality sheets & towels, she looks glamorous without make up and yes, she does go to major awards parties with her husband’s friend George Clooney but it’s the everyday glamour that I love about her.

RESCU: What advice have you been given or would give to inject glamour into the everyday?
Gail Elliott: As mentioned for me, everyday glamour is a lifestyle. Lighting candles and having flowers in your home, being well groomed and always dressing well are some small ways to inject glamour into your life.


Gail Elliott’s off-duty glamour is as cool as she is. She injects glamour into the every day by always dressing her best, and being well groomed.



To Gail Elliott, the most glamorous destination in the world is St. Bart’s. From the yachts to the parties, she loves the celebrity holiday destination.

Gail Elliott is inspired by her good friend Cindy Crawford.



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