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Words by Ali Flming  
Photography by Vassi Dyulgerova


Gail Elliott is something of a bastion on the fashion circuit. After many years travelling the globe as a renowned fashion model, living and working in some of the world’s most exciting cities (read: 24 years in New York) and with some of the most high-profile industry people, Gail Elliott has settled into Sydney life with business partner and husband of 16 years, Joe Coffey and their two Maltese Poodles. While still very much a part of the A-List crowd, Gail’s days are now spent designing and directing her fashion label, Little Joe Woman

Trying her hand at fashion design is in many ways a logical progression for Gail, “…fashion design was a natural extension of my modeling career having worked with all the major designers for so many years… Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Gianni Versace, Armani, Claude Montana,  Kenzo, Chanel, John Galliano, Yves Saint Laurent”. It was these talented folk and the experiences that came with working with them that Gail explains “taught me so much about fashion, clothing, fit, colour and styling”.

Translating these influences, as well as incorporating the designer’s own impeccable personal style, has resulted in a label of stylish wears. Little Joe Woman encompasses a comprehensive range, from beautiful underwear to pared back basics and wardrobe staples (cashmere for Winter, anyone?) mixed in with luxurious statement pieces in leather and fur, “We work with silk, lace, leather and cashmere and I enjoy the combination of these fabrics and textures when worked into a collection together”.



Gail describes her directional and sophisticated brand aesthetic as a fusion of many things, and the Little Joe Woman herself as “…a little rock-chic, she’s stylish, she appreciates luxury, loves to travel, is well read, likes to find something special in clothing and loves fashion… she’s a little like me!” Undeniably true. Equally true is Gail’s penchant for drawing inspiration from her friends and peers: the women she admires, “I really admire the personal style of ex-French Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld, co-founder of Sass & Bide Heidi Middleton, supermodel Kate Moss, socialite and Hermes General Manager Karin Upton Baker, socialite Kate Waterhouse and publicist Sara Huegill”.

The Little Joe Woman flagship store and headquarters is based in shopping mecca, Paddington’s The Intersection. Gail and her team have settled in nicely amongst their trendy neighbours (Bassike, Scanlan Theodore, Acne, Ginger & Smart… the list really does go on). Gail explains this location was chosen precisely for this reason, “The Intersection in Paddington is the grooviest shopping area in Australia and we now have our Little Joe Woman H.Q in the same building as our store, which is such a delight for all who work with us”. Little Joe Woman’s second location is in the heart of Double Bay. With its quintessential European flavor, weekly produce markets, cafes and the reemergence of small boutiques and art galleries this area is on the rise!

As Autumn falls, head to Paddington or Double Bay and delight in the beautiful ‘Urban Wanderer’ collection. It is all about rich textures, fabrics and patterns, in sensational Little Joe Woman style. Plus this range is guaranteed to bring out your inner adventurer: another good reason to shop, as if one is really needed!


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