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Day in the Life... Featuring Gail Elliott our Co Founder + Creative Director

Day in the Life... Featuring Gail Elliott our Co Founder + Creative Director

Featuring our Co Founder, Gail Elliott

Spend a day with Gail Elliott as she takes us through her day in Bali...


7.30am - Pilates Reformer

“I'm always up at everyday of the week either taking a beach walk with my husband and our five dogs, swimming in the pool or working early at the computer before breakfast. Twice a week my husband and I do a private Pilates class with just the two of us with @pilatestimewithelif our instructor. Reformer Pilates is amazing for my body type as it helps me stay long, lean and strong. "

9.00 am - Breakfast
“Eating breakfast is really important to me and it's a meal I really enjoy. I bake homemade granola with almonds, dates, toasted coconut and Pepito seeds which we eat with dairy-free coconut yogurt and sliced fresh fruit or banana. I also make oat milk which is super easy, fresh and nutritious. A few times a week I have a fresh cold pressed green juice from @intherawbali that I sip on throughout the morning, who deliver to our villa." - Heading To The Studio

"I've been working from our dining table at home everyday for the past seven months which I'm actually loving, but look forward to our weekly studio and production meetings at our office or factory to catch up and check on everything." - Lunch

“We ethically produce all our clothing and accessories at our own factory in Bali with local pattern makers, sewers and craftsmen. Our new Forever Love zebra print dress arrived at our factory so I took one, as I've been excitedly been waiting for it, to wear to lunch…! " - Sunset and dinner at the beach

“Running our own business with my husband and CEO of Little Joe Woman means we work constantly. Besides overseeing the design of every piece, I'm always on my phone or computer answering customer service inquiries or Instagram messages, which I love to do because I'm the best person to ask about style, fit, sizing and anything else to do with our brand. We live a very relaxed life in Bali, which is important to us. After living in New York for 24 years, Sydney for 11 and now Bali for 6… I feel it's the perfect life we've created. "



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