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Mademoiselle C.

Mademoiselle C.


Last night I took the Little Joe Woman girlies to a screening of Mademoiselle C. which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed it, having shot with Carine Roitfeld for many years in Paris when I modelled in the late 1980s and 1990s. At this time Carine was a Fashion Editor for French Elle magazine, before moving across to work as Editor-in-chief of French Vogue. 

Carine is an amazing talent, so I am not surprised to see her become such a successful Editor, Tom Ford’s muse and an inspiration to many. She’s strong, beautiful, has an incredible sense of style and is humble too.


Gail Elliott | French Elle | Creative Director: Carine Roitfeld


I was also pleasantly surprised to see the super talented hairdresser Sam Mc Knight pop up on screen throughout the documentary, working his magic backstage at fashion shows on on various shoots. Legendary photographer Bruce Weber a photographer I shot with many times, was also featured.

A particular Bruce Weber shoot I have fond memories of was a campaign for Gianni Versace. It was a crazy couple of days with then aspiring actress Talisa Soto, twelve male models and some male children models, one being the actor Balthazar Getty at age 15 years old!

There is always so much going on in a Bruce Weber shoot and this one was no exception. He had us dancing and playing electric guitars with the male models for one of the scenes and for another we shot at a fun park in San Francisco that had been closed for the season. 

Bruce certainly knows how to throw an after-party. There was a sit-down dinner party for 30 which included his many assistants, and on everyone’s place setting was a small blue Tiffany box – such a special and generous thought!


Gail Elliott | Gianni Versace | Photographer Bruce Weber


Gail Elliott | Gianni Versace | Photographer Bruce Weber


Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld in Mademoiselle C.


Little Joe Woman Team: Linda, Ally, Shannon, Tahlia, Alessandra, Ella, and Myself


Carine Roitfeld


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