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Helen wears the Clementine maxi dress in luxe folk print


“Meet Helen Pavara the elegant Bangkok based entrepreneur whose sense of style I admire as well as her determination and passion for the restaurant industry. She owns the chain of Tum Lae restaurants across the city with some celebrity friends she met when she was in the entertainment industry for many years as an actress, producer, TV host and M.C. Helen loves clothing and luxury hotels and can't live without her mobile phone, assistants and Mercedes!”


Gail Elliott

Co Founder + Creative Director




What’s your favourite beach?

Andaman Beach in Phuket



Favourite flower?



Favourite cocktail?



Favourite hotel?

I love the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok because of the beautiful riverfront view whilst having dinner. I also love the food, music and ambiance.



Any favourite Little Joe Woman pieces?

I love all my pieces from Little Joe Woman because Gail Elliott’s style of design is very wearable. My friends always compliment me when I wear her pieces and her clothing makes me feel confident and polished and it really suits my style.



What’s your fashion style?

I don't usually like to dress too sexy, I prefer elegance but somehow these clothes make me feel a little sexy which is a nice change. I find I can wear Little Joe Woman for any occasion whether it’s to a casual meeting with friends or out to dinner. I mainly wear dresses or camisoles and skirt combinations and love to throw a leather jacket over my shoulders to complete the look.


Helen wears the Sun Comes Up beaded slip dress


Favourite type of food/dish?

Som Tam which is a Thai spicy salad and a speciality at my restaurants. I also love to cook and my friends love to come over and eat with me!




What are you listening to?

Nina Simone


What are you reading?

I enjoyed Naomi by Naomi Campbell


 Helen wears the Never Stop dress in black


What are you working on?

I’m currently building my dream home which I’m very excited about. It’s modern and open with clean lines and beautiful light but warm and welcoming at the same time.



Can’t leave home without?

My assistants, phone, Mercedes and my boyfriend!




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