WOMEN TO WATCH: Alena Samoshkina

WOMEN TO WATCH: Alena Samoshkina
Alena wears the Mysterious Ways maxi in zebra print

“We were casting a few years ago for a Little Joe Woman shoot when Alena Sampshkina who’s from Volgograd, Russia caught our attention. She’s obviously tall, very striking with beautiful bone structure and an amazing body but she also had a calmness and kindness about her that I found interesting. We shot with her and have continued booking her for many campaigns as she has a cool attitude in front of the camera, is super professional and has a perfect look for our Little Joe Woman brand and I’m excited to be able to include Alena in our WOMEN TO WATCH series of strong, confident and beautiful women. ” 

Gail Elliott
Co Founder + Creative Director
Little Joe Woman by Gail Elliott

How did you meet Gail Elliott?
I met Gail on our first shooting for Little Joe Woman. Although we had a very early 7am call-time, it was a super hot and sunny day in Bali and I remember we shot a lot of styles. I really liked how the style of this brand looked on me - I feel I ‘get’ the look of her designs.

What’s your favourite beach?
My favourite beach is Thomas Beach in Uluwatu, Bali. It’s more authentic compared to other beaches that have a lot of tourists.

Favourite flower?
My favourite flower is the Lotus. I like its sacred meaning and perfect shape.

Favourite hotel?
Usually I rent apartments or villas when I travel so don’t have a fav hotel :)

What’s your star sign?
I’m Sagittarius

Favourite cocktail?
I drink very seldomly but if I do I prefer a Whisky Sour or Negroni.

Any favourite Little Joe Woman pieces and why?
I like my zebra maxi dress from Little Joe Woman. I feel very elegant and feminine… and get a lot of attention when wearing it.

What’s your fashion style?
I like Parisian style most. It’s about simplicity, uniqueness, freedom.


What are you reading?
Now I’m reading a book about famous performance artists. I like to read about art, the mind, psychology and health.

What are you listening to?
Usually I listen to rock. Radiohead, Muse, Placebo. Nothing really has changed since I was 14.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m doing pottery, ballet stretching, gym. I really like ballet esthetic as it inspires me.
Favourite piece of jewellery?
I like ear cuffs. The look is cool and unusual.

Most memorable event or party and why?
For sure it’s the Smile concert in Barcelona last year. I was wearing a Radiohead t-shirt and was standing exactly in the middle just before the stage. Thom looked into my eyes very often and I had a feeling that he sings for me. I’ll never forget it.

Any secret talents?
I hope it’s singing.

Can’t live without?
I can’t live without action. I feel stuck when nothing happens around me so I’m trying to be active and feel life in full spectre.

Alena wears the Bambini silk dress in white and Rieber boots in white

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