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Hermione Underwood is the director of successful Sydney based PR agency The H Collective. Hermione shares her love of fashion and life through her Instagram, which features her effortlessly chic style, travel adventures, and her gorgeous four-legged friend Mash.


What is your favourite flower?

I buy white flowers obsessively, usually roses or phalaenopsis orchids but gardenia’s are my favourite, not only the scent but they remind me of my mum.

Where is your favourite spot to holiday?

Europe in the summer!

What is your favourite Sydney restaurant?

Anything on Challis Avenue in Potts Point – I’ll be found most nights between Fish Shop, Fratelli Paradiso and Fei Jai. That said, you can’t beat Icebergs on a special occasion.

What is your favourite cocktail?

Campari Soda.

What is your favourite piece from Little Joe Woman’s FW14 Urban Wanderer Collection, and why?

I religiously use my pony hair clutch but the favourite’s I am yet to add to my collection are the Tree Climber Leather Tee and the Oversized Fedora!!

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