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What is your favourite flower?

I love a simple white orchid. They’re so elegant with their long stems and classic white blooms – they instantly make any room look better!

Where is your favourite spot to holiday?

Out of the places I’ve travelled so far, Oia, Santorini to relax or Japan for the food and the snow! What is your favourite Sydney restaurant? I’m still relatively new to Sydney so there are many places I’m yet to try, but I have a few favourites so far (too hard to choose just one!). I love a long lunch at Mr Wong, breakfast at Brown Sugar or Porch & Parlour in Bondi, and group dinners at Fratelli Paradiso.

What is your favourite cocktail?

A classic margarita (I’m a sucker for salt!) or an amaretto sour (particularly the ones from Italian at The Pacific in Byron Bay).

What is your favourite piece from Little Joe Woman’s FW14 Urban Wanderer Collection, and why?

I really love the Force of Nature leather skirt – it has the perfect amount of detail with the zippers and the dip hem would add that little something special to any outfit. I also need the Panama Hat – it’s a must for long days spent in the sun on Bondi beach!

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